Leave a Positive Lasting Impression

Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Your Smile is important. It is the first thing  noticed when people meet you. A brighter, whiter smile can help you feel better about yourself and leave a lasting impression.

Made for you (customizable)

Whitening Treatment is custom designed for each patient to accommodate for personal preferences. No teeth are the same and hence these differences must be taken into account to ensure the best possible end results.

Your safety is priority

Getting your whitening done by professionals not only assures quality treatment but also ensures the safety of your pearly whites. Our experienced dentist are able to not only recommend the best treatment options for your teeth but also monitor the progress following the procedure. Unlike over the counter remedies, professional teeth whitening is less damaging to the soft tissues of your mouth.

Speed and Reliability

A key benefit of getting your teeth whitened professionally is that most teeth whitening case can be accomplished in one sitting, which is much more convenient in comparison to long term and  multiple session treatment option.

High quality products

Here at Maxcare we believe that each smile is precious and hence invest in the highest quality whitening products that not only perform to a high standard but also make sure that damage is not done to the teeth.

Beautiful smile

Improved appearance is undoubtedly one of the key factors for ones decisions to whiten their teeth. Not only do whiter teeth improve your smile but they also boost your confidence, and can you give a younger and more vibrant look.

At Maxcare Dental we have two teeth whitening options, the first option is the in clinic whitening and the other is the take home kit.  The best options for you, is dependent on the condition of your teeth.

Teeth whitening procedure used at Maxcare is the Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment. The procedure is shown in the video

How to maintain my white teeth after whitening?

  • Daily brushing and flossing helps to keep the mouth clean, stain free and healthy.
  • Regular dental checkups allows for the dentist to polish away any surface stains

A combination of excellent brushing habits and professional cleaning are key to maintaining white teeth.

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What People Are Saying

I love max care dental because they make me feel comfortable and they are professional and there helpful and I always walk out feeling good .they always make me feel good and like my teeth aren't as bad as they
angel kaur
angel kaur
22:53 01 Feb 18
Defiantly recommend Maxcare Dental! Took my 2 1/2 year old there after she had an accident at preschool, they where so good with her! Will absolutely be back, Thank you 😊
amber thornley
amber thornley
01:23 25 Jan 18
Had a dental inplant to replace my missing tooth. Great price compared to other dentists. My new tooth feels and looks real.
Robert Gallagher
Robert Gallagher
05:17 09 Mar 18
They were very through my teeth have never felt so clean a++++++ reccomend to everyone to come and see them
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor
02:28 07 Feb 18
Professional team very respectful valued members of the community
Mafaufau Mafaufau
Mafaufau Mafaufau
03:45 22 Sep 17
Excellent service and very friendly staff. Perfect balance of competence and care by everyone. Highly recommend to everyone.
Asfahaan Mirza
Asfahaan Mirza
13:03 15 Mar 18
Very professional, friendly and great service. I had a root canal done, the doctor that treated me was excellent. Very knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and I trusted him from the start. The issue was dealt with in 3 sessions. My tooth has been well taken care of, it looks and feels great. I am very happy and would definitely recommend this practice. Thank you MaxCare and all the staff.
Carlotta Arona
Carlotta Arona
10:49 25 Apr 18
I would definitely recommend Maxcare Dental....excellent service and friendly staffs...
Natasha Singh
Natasha Singh
19:52 07 Jun 18
Had the horrifying experience of my front tooth just breaking completely off, I went to another dentist who quoted me $6000 for an implant..but he couldn't offer me any temporary replacement... there's no way I was walking around with no tooth for a week, googled implants and maxcare popped up with a deal of $3995. I called them they saw me straight away, I was given options but all came with the promise they could fix a temporary tooth.. they were friendly and really seemed to care..I walked out with my smile and dignity intact and will be back soon to get the implant.. couldn't recommend them more highly..great service.. amazing price
Nicola Sharp
Nicola Sharp
04:23 08 Jun 18

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