Do you need Braces to get beautiful straight teeth?

Straight Teeth | Confident Smile | Minimal Time

Make an Appointment for Your Smile!

Do you want braces to get beautiful straight teeth?

Straight Teeth | Confident Smile | Minimal Time

Make an Appointment for Your Smile!

It’s never been easier to get the beautiful straight teeth for the smile you have always wanted.

Braces & Orthodontics are a safe, reliable and comfortable solution for almost everyone.

We use leading-edge Orthodontic products and procedures for fast and life-time lasting results. Straight teeth are vital to maintain a high standard of oral health.

Hardly Noticeable

Advancements in technology mean many systems are almost invisible in everyday situations.

Comfortable to Wear

With the latest improvements in technology, the painful aspects of braces are often no longer an issue

Shorter Treatment Time

Technological developments mean people can enjoy their beautiful new smile in a matter of months!

Wide Range of Options

We offer a variety of solutions so that we can achieve the best results based on your individual needs.

Latest Technology

We keep up to date with the latest technology, products and training to offer the greatest service possible.

Expert Care

Our expert Dentists have fitted Braces to straighten the smiles of thousands.

But which orthodontic treatment should you choose?

Braces are an appropriate solution for both adults and children whose teeth are misaligned. They’re effective at correcting a number of issues, including: Overcrowding, gaps between teeth, under-bite, over-bite, and upper teeth protrusion.

If you or your child deals with the daily challenges of misaligned teeth, you may be thinking about treatment. Take your first step to healthy straight teeth and book your free consultation at Maxcare Dental Otahuhu. It may not be very long before your smile is straight and you can enjoy the oral health and confidence that come with properly positioned teeth.

Maxcare Otahuhu Dental offer 2 orthodontic procedures. Traditional Braces and FastBraces

Traditional Metal Braces have been used to treat millions of patients around the world, and for good reason – They work!

Today’s conventional metal braces are much more streamlined and visually appealing. Comprising of thinner and smaller materials, they can fix over and under bites as well as more complex dental issues like severe crowding. As the teeth are being gradually straightened, your bone structure will change with it. This leads to a better, fuller bite.

Teeth Whitening take home kit

How do traditional dental braces work?

The idea behind any form of dental braces is to bring teeth into a more desirable alignment over time. Dental braces apply a steady gentle pressure to help your teeth move so they align more correctly with each other.

They are comprised of three primary components:

  • Brackets are small attachments that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They are joined with a non-damaging, secure dental adhesive.
  • Arch-wires are attached to the brackets and will help guide your teeth into their correct positions. These wires are usually made from titanium alloy or stainless steel.
  • Rubber bands or o-rings are colourful rubber bands used to hold the arch-wire into the brackets.



An Accelerated Orthodontics

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful smile but just didn’t want the hassle of wearing braces for two or more years? Well, now you can have straight, beautiful looking teeth in one year or less with Fastbraces®.

Fastbraces® is a technological innovation in orthodontia that addresses the treatment of malocclusions such as overbite, underbite, crowding, etc., without having to pull out any tooth/teeth.

Fastbraces® come in two types – metal and clear. They work by straightening the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment until the teeth are straight.


  • Easy maneuverability
  • minimal discomfort
  • Maintains the natural bite
  • Easy, fast and efficient
  • Short span of treatment (few weeks to months) instead of years
  • Less expensive and cost effective

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Frequently asked Questions about Orthodontics.

Are there any alternatives to braces?

Unfortunately, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of braces. Although there are some alternatives to the traditional metal braces. For example, you can get clear or tooth-colored braces, which make them much less noticeable. There are also other types of removable appliances that can help align teeth. For some adults, Veneers might be a more suitable option.

Do braces hurt?

No, they should never cause pain. When you first them put on, your teeth can feel a little sensitive, but this mild discomfort goes away in a couple days.

What is the best age to get braces?

There is no “best” age to get braces. They are still effective in older teenagers and adults. For most children, the best time is between the ages 10 and 14, when the mouth is still growing, and the permanent teeth are erupting. The exact time depends on growth and on how quickly a child’s adult teeth come in.

Am I too old for braces?

Of course not! A good percentage of our patients are over the age of 21. Not only can braces align your bite and boost your confidence, straightening your teeth can greatly improve your oral health.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Your total time will depend on your specific orthodontic problem, how severe it is and which type you opt for. In general, patients are in braces for 12 to 30 months.

Other than making teeth look good, are braces necessary?

Some people may get braces for cosmetic reasons but there are also a number of health benefits to straighten your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean well, which reduces tooth decay and gingivitis. Correcting the bite also fixes many structural problems, which can reduce jaw pain and make chewing less painful.

How often should I brush my teeth while wearing braces?

We recommend brushing your teeth at least three times a day (after breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Can ACC help cover the cost of braces?

Yes, if your need has arisen due to accidentally injury. Otherwise ACC will not cover the cost.

Our Dentists are Dedicated and Compassionate.


With over 35 years of Dental experience, it is no wonder our staff have built a reputation within the Otahuhu community and Auckland wide for Affordable and High-Quality dentistry.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our dentists will have a solution for whatever your dentistry needs, at an affordable price. We provide a full range of services including teeth Whitening, Braces, Crowns, Implants, Veneers, Dentures, Extractions, Fillings + many more.

Book you free consultation today and come talk to out friendly dentists about your needs and concerns today.


Your Comfort Is Our Priority!


What People Are Saying

I love max care dental because they make me feel comfortable and they are professional and there helpful and I always walk out feeling good .they always make me feel good and like my teeth aren't as bad as they
angel kaur
angel kaur
22:53 01 Feb 18
Defiantly recommend Maxcare Dental! Took my 2 1/2 year old there after she had an accident at preschool, they where so good with her! Will absolutely be back, Thank you 😊
amber thornley
amber thornley
01:23 25 Jan 18
Had a dental inplant to replace my missing tooth. Great price compared to other dentists. My new tooth feels and looks real.
Robert Gallagher
Robert Gallagher
05:17 09 Mar 18
They were very through my teeth have never felt so clean a++++++ reccomend to everyone to come and see them
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor
02:28 07 Feb 18
Professional team very respectful valued members of the community
Mafaufau Mafaufau
Mafaufau Mafaufau
03:45 22 Sep 17
Excellent service and very friendly staff. Perfect balance of competence and care by everyone. Highly recommend to everyone.
Asfahaan Mirza
Asfahaan Mirza
13:03 15 Mar 18
Amazing service. I haven’t been to dentist in years always been scared of them but coming here the staff made me feel relaxed my teeth look incredible has definitely boosted my confidence. Also now I don’t have to suffer from toothaches thank you guys so so so much! 100% recommend
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell
04:36 02 Apr 19
Great service. The dentist was very gentle and caring. She explained everything to me clearly before starting the job. Strongly recommended.
kam kumar
kam kumar
07:05 03 Apr 19
Very professional, friendly and great service. I had a root canal done, the doctor that treated me was excellent. Very knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and I trusted him from the start. The issue was dealt with in 3 sessions. My tooth has been well taken care of, it looks and feels great. I am very happy and would definitely recommend this practice. Thank you MaxCare and all the staff.
Carlotta Arona
Carlotta Arona
10:49 25 Apr 18
I would definitely recommend Maxcare Dental....excellent service and friendly staffs...
Natasha Singh
Natasha Singh
19:52 07 Jun 18
Had the horrifying experience of my front tooth just breaking completely off, I went to another dentist who quoted me $6000 for an implant..but he couldn't offer me any temporary replacement... there's no way I was walking around with no tooth for a week, googled implants and maxcare popped up with a deal of $3995. I called them they saw me straight away, I was given options but all came with the promise they could fix a temporary tooth.. they were friendly and really seemed to care..I walked out with my smile and dignity intact and will be back soon to get the implant.. couldn't recommend them more highly..great service.. amazing price
Nicola Sharp
Nicola Sharp
04:23 08 Jun 18
Highly recommend. Great quality care, professional recommendations, clean, friendly organized establishment My adolescent fears were put to rest thanks to Max Care Dental team. Appreciated
Niuva Joseph
Niuva Joseph
10:55 07 Feb 19
My name is Rose, the service i received from Maxcare Dental was excellent, they gave me back alot of self confidence, i can smile again without being shy and paranoid about my teeth. Service was great, staff were friendly with a very warm and welcoming environment. Would highly recommend to others. Rose
Randall Hamlin
Randall Hamlin
23:22 03 Apr 19
I only went to Maxcare Dental because I had a Grab One deal and it was across the road from my workplace. Normally I’ll never go into an establishment for Health Care unless it has been recommended to me AND I would never go into a Health Care establishment in Otahuhu either (personal choice).When I walked in, I was real surprised:1. It was clean and tidy (tick)2. Friendly staff (tick tick)3. Staff were professional, qualified and they knew what they were talking about and had been trained at a high level (tick tick tick)It ticked all the boxes for me. I have recommended Maxcare Dental to all my friends and colleagues (to their surprise lol). My wife has booked in to see Maxcare Dental and it’s now become my preferred choice when it comes to dental work!
David Cuthers
David Cuthers
22:45 26 Jun 19
The dental Clínic is outstanding with also excellent professional staff. I have been attended in 4 different Clinics before coming to this one and for sure this is the best. For those who fear going to the dentists my last 2 fillings I had here I suggested not to use anesthesia and I didn't feel any pain at all. They are really careful and have wonderful hands. Easy parking and online bookings.
Luis Casares
Luis Casares
08:36 30 Jun 19
Outstanding service from friendly and professional staff from start to finish. I have been had two treatments and both were great when home with great smile. Very happy with my dentist and treatment provided. Highly recommend this clinic.
Kauser Sultana
Kauser Sultana
23:34 30 Jun 19
Went in for cleaning and got an x-ray done. Very friendly staff and professional service, they are really proficient at what they do. I flew back to my country with a great big white smile : D. Strongly recommend this clinic to everyone
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
07:36 14 Jul 19
Quality of work. I strongly recommend dr.Thair
Duaa Idris
Duaa Idris
04:30 20 Aug 19
I am a new patient and I thoroughly enjoy the friendly, welcoming service and affordable prices at Max care. I had several proceedures done to my teeth for tha past month and today I was very impressed and grateful that Dr Khan came in on her day off to accommodate me (shift worker)she has an extremely busy schedule but that blew me away!! I offered to pay extra but she said it was fine. I am recommending her to everyone I know she and her lovely staff pull out the red carpet treatment and make the whole experience all about you THANK YOU SO MUCH DR KHAN + MAXCARE
Madame Miaoww
Madame Miaoww
02:56 26 Aug 19
I went to the max care all frightened but was assured it will be painless. When I went there I was blown away by the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff . I have changed my dentist to max care because they treated me so well and informed the procedure every step of the way. She was young beautiful and yet so knowledgeable . I completely trust her. The receptionist and the assistant nurse too were so Curtiss and friendly . They really know their stuff and work as a team . The place is clean, location is easy accessible and open 7 days . It’s great for working people , can visit in the weekends and there is plenty of parking . I have been to many dentists previously , but I really recommend Maxcare Dental. I give them 10/10 . They reminded me of my appointments . Max are provided me the service beyond my expectation. And I THANK YOU😃😃😃😃😃
juliet palmer
juliet palmer
02:32 08 Sep 19
Dr Tazeen is that rare kind of person that exudes professionalism but also is genuinely caring, and goes out of her way to advise you on what is best for your own personal dental health. In a situation where most of us are nervous and (with suction, etc in our mouths) unable to speak!) Dr Tazeen intuitively knows when to check in on you, and adjust any procedure to make you instantly more comfortable. The practice, in general, offers top quality work without the 'posh people' prices, and they stay away from sales pitches and hard-sells, while offering clear information and solid support. Highly recommended.
Keshav E
Keshav E
01:56 10 Sep 19
Hard and fast , no pain . In out .
Tu Ratu
Tu Ratu
00:58 23 Jul 19
Friendly and informative service, Did a good job, painfree and comfortable.
josh taylor
josh taylor
22:28 31 Jul 19

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